Turn Yourself Into an Enchanted Mermaid With These Beauty Tutorials

Ariel dreams of being where the people are. Ironically, we dream of being where she is: in the ocean.

During this time of year, we're so frequently under water anyway that we truly might as well be labeled mermaids! The only thing really differentiating us from these enchanting creatures is our appearance, after all.

Mermaid swimming in the ocean next to fishes

(Photo Credit: Andrea Izzotti via Shutterstock)

Because we can't technically be mermaids, we can at least attempt to look like them with the aid of these five mermaid-inspired makeup tutorials. Look out Ariel, we're one step closer to being a part of your world.


1. Mermaid Glitter Eye ✨

This easy to follow aqua and seafoam glitter eye is stunning. We don't know about you, but we'd rock this look look day or night. 

2. Mermaid Smokey Eye

Mermaids are just like us: They enjoy a beautiful smokey eye! This dramatic look is ideal for a night out with your besties, or maybe even a date with your crush?! ????


3. Modern Day Ariel

Now's your chance to mimic one of your fave Disney princesses' beauty routines. This makeup artist picked the perfect color scheme to emulate Ariel, IRL. We're a little in love.


4. Mermaid Lips

If you're not into creating a full-blown mermaid look, this turquoise lip is the perfect solution. So much glam.


5. Avant Garde Mermaid

You are a true mermaid-loving girl if you attempt this radical appearance. It's by far the most makeup-heavy look, but if you want to fully capture the essence of a siren, it's totally worth it. Obsessed? We thought so. 


Mermaid-loving girls, don't panic, we have more. Check out the mermaid highlighter that you can make yourself HERE!