Move Over Unicorns, Here Come the Mermaid Lattes!

Get ready for a complete trend reversal!

Unicorn food was all about fake sprinkles, bright food coloring and sugary drinks that clocked in at a whopping 59 grams of sugar. Although beautiful to Instagram, these drinks didn't necessarily do anything for our health. Move over unicorns! Here comes the newest food trend: mermaid lattes.

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This trend is a complete reversal from the unicorn dishes and drinks we've been eyeing. Health-conscious experimenters have gotten involved and they've come up with the healthiest, most Instagram-worthy concoctions. We've rounded up the best ones out there and included ideas for how to make your own at home.

This quintessential mermaid latte was concocted by holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher Steph Matthews.  In the digital age, it's hard to pinpoint who got to a trend first, but Steph definitely started one of the most popular recipes. In her version, she uses blue matcha as a base for this brightly colored elixir. Blue matcha is made with regular green matcha powder and blueberry extracts.

One place that seems to have perfected the mermaid trend is The End in Brooklyn, New York. They even gave it their own name, the Merbabe Latte. Instead of using fake food dyes, the bright colors are derived from superfoods. The bright pink-purple base is made with dragonfruit. Steamed coconut milk  with blue-green algae is then added. You can try adding healthy color at home with chlorophyll drops or algae, too.

This healthy latte above was made by Alexandra Norred. She incorporated matcha and spirulina sprinkles for bright and deep-green hues. People have been eating spirulina for years because of its health benefits. This algae is a superfood with amino acids, protein, iron, calcium and a slew of other "good for you" vitamins.  

Blogger A Belle and a Brit came up with one of our favorite versions pictured above. This is a black tea-based elixir rich in antioxidants. She also uses Maqui berry, a superfood rich in Vitamin C. She crushes rose petals and adds them along with sprinkles for a beautiful hint of pink. Recreating this version at home is easy—wash and dry individual rose petals. Once they turn hard, put them in a Ziplock bag and gently crush them. They're now ready for mermaid latte magic!


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