Keep Summer Alive With These Mermaid School Supplies

For those who never want summer to end, we have a fun way to keep the spirit of the season alive.

We found a slew of amazing mermaid school supplies, so keep scrolling for all your oceanic-themed needs!

Holographic Mermaid Backpack: $27.01

A true mermaid never leaves home without her holographic knapsack.

Holographic mermaid backpack

(via Etsy)


Mermaid Bookmark: $4.99

Take a dive deep into Atlantica with these adorable metal mermaid bookmarks.

Mermaid bookmark

(via Ali Express)


Starbucks Mermaid Thermos: $23.79

Because even a mermaid needs her morning Starbucks. It might as well be this gorgeously painted art mug.

Starbucks mermaid thermos

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Holographic Mermaid Agenda: $28.00

Keep your land activities organized with this colorful agenda. Any true mermaid princess has to keep her affairs in order somehow. You can even personalize it.




Mermaid Pencils: $8.61

Mermaid pencils are necessary this year for a true under-the-sea vibe. Keep them close, everyone will want to borrow one of these babies.

Mermaid pencils

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Mermaid Pencil Bag: $20.00

Now that you have these fabulous sea-worthy accessories, you'll need a pencil bag worthy of holding them. This shimmering mermaid pouch should do the trick.

Mermaid pencil bag

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Mermaid Sticker Pack: $4.05

If you're not rocking this mermaid sticker pack on all your textbooks, notebooks and binders, can you really call yourself a mermaid?

Mermaid sticker pack

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Mermaid Glitter Pens: $4.05

Pencils are great and all, but for those who prefer pens, you'll need these floating glitter-filled mermaid ones.

Mermaid glitter pens

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Mermaids are obviously the coolest, but if you love all underwater creatures, you'll also need THESE Dory-inspired items, too.