Here's the Secret to Making These Magical Unicorn and Mermaid Toasts

If you love patrolling your Instagram feed for gorgeous, fun and vibrant food, chances are you've stumbled upon these magical pieces of unicorn and mermaid toasts:

Unicorn and mermaid toast

These enchanted breakfast meals were created by Adeline Waugh, food stylist, photographer and creator of the site Vibrant & Pure.

We were so mesmerized by Adeline's food creations that we contacted her to find out exactly what inspired them and how they came to be.

Scroll below to see what Adeline herself revealed about her career, her stellar recipes and what she plans to make next!

Sweety High: How did you become a food stylist? Why do you love it so much?

Adeline Waugh: I started Vibrant & Pure as a way to share my new found love for healthy eating. After discovering some food sensitivities to help skin problems, I got super into healthy cooking. I quickly realized I was even more passionate about creating beautiful photos using food. This coincided with an opportunity to work as a food stylist assistant on a commercial shoot, so once I realized "Wow, a food stylist is a very real job," I was hooked! I love the creative outlet.

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SH: What are your favorite foods to style?

AW: No surprise here, one of my favorite foods to style is toast. The possibilities with toast are honestly endless, which makes it exciting. I also love styling salads and bowls of food.

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SH: How did you come up with your unicorn and mermaid toasts?

AW: The thing I love about 'Unicorn Toast' is how organically it came to be. I never set out to create a trend, I was just playing around in my kitchen and trying to figure out how I could make hot pink cream cheese, (as one does). After playing around with all the cream cheese colors and blending them together to create new colors, I loved how they appeared to resemble paintbrush strokes. I called this colorful toast 'watercolor' toast in my caption, but my wonderful friends on Instagram quickly dubbed it 'Unicorn Toast,' as the combination of the pastel hues clearly resembled that of a unicorn's mane.

After creating unicorn toast, I felt like experimenting with something new. I loved the blues and greens that were used in unicorn toast and figured they would lend themselves to an aquatic-themed toast.

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SH: Can you describe the process for each one?

AW: I toast bread, mix together cream cheese with multiple colors, and then spread them all together on the piece of toast. [Full instructions for creating the perfect hues can be found HERE.]


SH: Do you have any plans for creating any more magical toasts?

AW: Absolutely! I love coming up with new ideas and I'd love to keep creating fun toasts.


SH: Why do you think unicorns and mermaid-themed food items are such a hit right now?

AW: I truly think that with everything going on in the world, sometimes it's nice to just look at something simple and beautiful!


SH: What's your favorite food creation you've ever made?

AW: That's a tough one. I think my favorite has to be when I created 12 unique toasts in one photo. I often did sets of six unique toasts and I challenged myself to do 12.


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