13 Playful Instagram Captions for Every Photo of You Feeling Those Mermaid Vibes

These days, mermaid vibes are less of a trend than they are a lifestyle.

Whether you spend as many days as possible at the beach, or you just love the glam mermaid aesthetic, try out one of these cute Insta captions the next time you feel like a true-blue mermaid.

For the ocean photo of the waves lapping at your feet:

"Time to make some waves."


For the pic of you holding up handfuls of glimmering seashells:

"My birthstone is a seashell."


For when times are tough, but that's not going to stop you from looking and feeling like a true mermaid:

"A smooth sea never made a skilled mermaid."


For the shot of you being a queen who doesn't have time to worry about what others think of you:

"Mermaids don't lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp."

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For when your ombré mermaid hair is entirely on point:

"She is a mermaid on dry land, and the world is her ocean."

-J. Iron Word


For when you woke up radiating major mermaid vibes:

"I washed up like this."


For the pic that shows you were born for the water:

"Darling it's better down where it's wetter, take it from me."

-"Under the Sea," The Little Mermaid


For the photo of you putting all of your stresses aside as you sunbathe on the beach:

"Worry less. Mermaid more."


For the pic of you peacefully standing in the rain:

"I love the rain because I am a mermaid who lives too far from the sea."


For your most mystical seaside photo:

"Soaking in the vitamin sea."


For the shot of you vibrantly standing out in the crowd:

"Be a mermaid in a sea of fish."

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For the shot of you and your bestie being stunning mermaids together:

"Mermaid for each other."


For when the only thing you're scared of is being ordinary:

"I must be a mermaid… I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living."

-Anais Nin


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