These Hoodies Will Redefine Your Relationship With Your Pet

Have you ever had the urge to carry your pet around in massive, kangaroo-like pouch? The Mewgaroo Hoodie is making that dream totally possible. No celebs have invested in the awesome sweater (yet) but we imagined what some of our fav stars would look like with their BFFs in their pockets!

We are pretty sure that Ariana Grande's 6 dogs, Toulouse, Coco, Fawkes, Ophelia, Sirius and Cinnamon, wouldn't fit in the pocket, but that doesn't stop us from hoping.ariana mewgaroo dogs in hoodie

Cara Delevingne's bunny Cecil would prove that the Mewgaroo isn't just for cats and dogs.

cara delevingne mewgaroo

Demi Lovato's precious pocket-sized pup Buddy is the perfect candidate for a ride in a Mewgaroo pouch.

demi lovato mewgarooj

Katy Perry's dog Butters would also look right at home in one of these hoodies.

katy perry butters mewgaroo

Taylor Swift could embrace her inner crazy cat lady Olivia and Meredith in tow.

taylor swift mewgaroo

Kendall Schmidt's 80-pound pig Yuma might test the limits of what the jacket can hold, but it would truly be a sight to behold.

kendall schmidt mewgaroo

Lucy Hale's fluffy pal Jack could tag along with her wherever she went in one of these bad boys.

lucy hale jack mewgaroo

Bella Thorne and her dog Kingston could form an even closer bond if they could share a sweater.

bella thorne mewgaroo

Which celeb would you love to see in a Mewgaroo Hoodie? Tell us what you think in the comments and share your own adorable pet pics with us at