Everything You Need to Know About a Mexican Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving celebrations are incredibly different from family to family.

Add in a dash of Latin heritage and you are bound to have a one-of-a-kind dinner. Read on as we outline the similarities and differences you'll find in a Mexican Thanksgiving celebration!

Thanksgiving table

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Tamales Are a Must

A typical celebration in a Mexican household isn't complete without tamales. These traditional dough delicacies are filled, wrapped with a dried corn husk and then steamed. They are versatile and can be served alongside a proper Thanksgiving turkey. In fact, they can also be made to have a turkey filling for the occasion.


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You Can Expect Spicy Dishes

Mexican Thanksgivings follow a lot of the same traditions as typical Thanksgivings—you will find cornbread on the table along with mashed potatoes and a huge bird. That said, you can count on Latin Thanksgivings to always add a little spicy flair. Don't be surprised if you find jalapenos in that cornbread, or if the side dishes bring some additional heat. Cooking with chili is basically in our DNA and Thanksgiving won't be an exception.

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Things Will Get Rowdy

Mexican Thanksgivings are always lively (read: loud). You'll always find siblings talking over one another, grandpa telling his stories and your mom asking if you want seconds—sometimes all at the same time! We're very verbal and animated on the regular and the closeness of a Thanksgiving table only heightens this.

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Champurrado is Key

If you walk into a Thanksgiving celebration and grandma has a big pot of champurrado stewing, you know you are in a Mexican household. This chocolate-based drink is thick and prepared with the same type of dough that makes up tamales. It can also include water and milk and is usually flavored with cinnamon and sugar. It's a very thick version of hot chocolate and can almost be a meal in itself because of its consistency.


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