Mia Rodriguez Daydreams About Mending Her Broken Heart in 'Superglue'

Australian singer-songwriter Mia Rodriguez is on a rapid rise, and with her gorgeous new song "Superglue," we know her dedicated fanbase is about to get even bigger.

The 19-year-old pop artist puts her unique charms on full display on the track, with a warm and breezy pop sound and delicate vocals that make it the musical equivalent of a daydream. Packed with fairytale allusions, it's a song about trying to fix a broken heart, and wishing it was as easy as gluing it back together—and the Studio Ghibli-esque music video will have you enchanted from start to finish.

We can't get enough of Mia, and we were delighted to get the chance to chat with her all about the song, its lyrics and what it means to her. Keep reading to find out what she shared.

The Story Behind 'Superglue'

Mia Rodriguez: It's a very "escapist" song about being hurt. I've always been a very sensitive person; people have always made me feel different for being so. I was bullied most of my life and I still carry some of the trust issues and heartbreaks. "Superglue" is a representation of my dream to escape the reality of emotional pain and confusion.


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What 'Superglue' Means

MR: This song feels really significant to how I've felt most of my life. I hope my listeners feel like they're not dealing with this alone.


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Mia's Favorite Lyric

"Wish I could dive in that ocean blue, and fix my heart with some super glue." I've always felt so peaceful deep underwater. "Dive in that ocean blue" is a metaphor for escaping and isolating myself into a peaceful place and healing myself. However, I "wish," because other life obstacles stop myself from healing. I can't stay underwater (in comfort) forever.


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