Here's Everything Fuller House's Michael Campion Knows So Far About the Show's 4th Season

On Jan. 29, we got the exciting news that Netflix' Fuller House had been renewed for a fourth season.

Not wanting to waste a moment, we hopped on the phone with Michael Campion, who plays the show's Jackson Fuller, to get his thoughts on the big news, as well as magic, Netflix and the very best retro TV shows:

On All the Buzz Around Season Four:

"I'm personally very excited that we've been greenlit for a fourth season. We've had a lot of great fan reactions and there's a lot of new stuff to come, from Kimmy having the baby and my relationship with Rocki, to the legacy cast moving in with us, hopefully. I don't really know how things will go just yet, but I know it's going to be great. I'm excited to shoot it and for fans to see it." – Michael Campion


Michael Campion, actor who plays Jackson Fuller on Fuller House

(Photo Credit: Robert Kazandjian)


On the Growing Similarities Between Michael and Jackson:

"I am nearly exactly like Jackson Fuller. My character is like a heightened version of me. His clumsiness and the things he says are so me. Sometimes the writers even directly quote me to poke fun at me a little bit. But as time goes on, he's becoming more mature. He's learning a lot of life lessons, and I feel like I am, too. I'm on the same track with him." – Michael Campion


How Fuller House Has Helped Michael Grow:

"I've been acting since I was 5, but Fuller House feels like an accelerated number of years of acting somehow. It's like I'm on the fast track. I'm with a coach every single day, then I'm shooting and I'm rehearsing. I've grown so much as an actor from this experience." – Michael Campion


What Michael Wants to See in Season Four:

"I've been getting really into magic recently. I've been practicing every day since the last month of shooting around September, and I really want to talk to the Fuller House writers about my character doing magic." – Michael Campion


On His Favorite Magic Tricks:

"I specialize in card tricks and sponge ball magic. If you can't picture it, it's when the magician has those four little red balls that they make disappear and then reappear in their hands. I've been getting really good at those." – Michael Campion


On His Most Spectacular Fuller House Moment:

"Going to Japan was an incredible surprise. I didn't know what to expect there, and it blew me away. That was the coolest experience I've had outside of the U.S. It was such a culture shock getting to see how other people around the world do stuff, and I would never have had that experience without Fuller House." – Michael Campion


What Michael Knows So Far About Season 4:

"In about a week I'm going to talk to the writers, but for right now, I have nothing. I'm taking an educated guess from what I've already seen and where I think it's going to go, but I can almost assure you that the legacy cast is going to try to move in with us in San Francisco, since they mentioned it last season. I think that's going to be the biggest plot point." – Michael Campion


On Filming Season 4:

"They gave an estimate that we'd start filming anywhere from March to April. I'm not sure when I'll be going out, but it will be soon!" – Michael Campion


Michael's Favorite Netflix Shows:

"Besides Fuller House, I really particularly like Stranger Thingsbut everyone does. It's such a good show and I love it so much. Other really good Netflix shows are The PunisherDaredevil, Jessica Jones—basically, all the Marvel ones are by far my favorite. They're all amazing." – Michael Campion


Michael's Favorite Original Full House Cast Member:

"I've always really liked Joey. I have the same kind of stupid humor. I'm always cracking jokes on set, and whenever I've gotten to work with Dave [Coulier], who plays Joey, we're constantly making jokes back and forth. We think we're really funny. He's my favorite to work with." – Michael Campion


Michael's Favorite Shows From the Full House Era:

"I've always enjoyed Friends, but that was a little later. I also love The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and I like Roseanne a lot. That's my favorite, besides Full House." – Michael Campion


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