Is There Any Hair Color 5SOS's Michael Clifford Hasn't Tried Yet?

5 Seconds Of Summer star Michael Clifford is looking for a new color to dye his hair, but we don't think that's going to be an easy task. Michael's a natural blond, but his hair has been every color of the rainbow, and then some. Is there a color he HASN'T tried yet, or should he return to one of these classic shades?

We love it when guys aren't afraid to love the color pink.

michael clifford hot pink hair

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Michael could try an edgy black and red combo again…

michael clifford black and red hair

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… or go pure red for something more vibrant.

michael clifford bright red hair

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Maybe he try out this  fiery look again.

michael clifford orange hair

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Or stick with his natural blond for a moment!

michael clifford blond hair

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Of course, we love it when Michael bleaches his hair pure white.

michael clifford white hair

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But a lighter bleach blond is wonderful, too.

michael clifford bleach blond hair

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This yellow-green is sure to make him stand out in a crowd.

michael clifford green yellow hair

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But maybe Michael will go with a pure green. It is his favorite color, after all.

michael clifford green hair

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Michael adopted the mermaid hair trend early.

michael clifford turquoise hair

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And you can never, ever go wrong with turquoise.

michael clifford light blue hair

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But a dark blue is the most punk of them all.

michael clifford blue hair

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This shade of lilac is so pretty we want to steal it for ourselves.

michael clifford lilac hair

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And a deep purple is just gorgeous. It really brings out his eyes.

 michael clifford purple hair

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Black is not technically a color of the rainbow, but the list really wouldn't be complete without these jet black locks.

michael clifford black hair

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And brown may not be the craziest color, but we love it.

michael clifford brown hair

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Of course, why pick one color when you could have them all?

michael clifford multicolor hai

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What color do you think Michael still needs to try? Which ones would you love to see again? Let us know in the comments below!