Michelle Cordeiro Grant Tells Us All About Her Brand GORGIE

There's nothing we love more than being introduced to new health and wellness brands that we instantly fall in love with, and that'exactly what has happened with GORGIE.

The wellness brand is all about making energy drinks that give you so much more than energy, and after hearing about GORGIE, we just had to learn more. We had the pleasure of chatting with Michelle Cordeiro Grant, founder of GORGIE, and she told us all about her wellness brand in the interview, below.

Sweety High: Tell us about yourself!

Michelle Cordeiro Grant: Permanently glass half full, I'm one of those humans who works incredibly hard but with a huge smile on her face. I love to have fun and love my team to have fun, too! I'm at my best when I am out in the wild talking to other founders, customers, fans and most of all our community.

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SH: Tell us about your brand GORGIE.

MCG: GORGIE is so much fun! She has such a vibe and a persona that has been built by our social media community first and foremost. GORGIE is a community, a brand and a platform on a mission to make wellness fun. We like to say that we're where energy meets wellness, leading with a healthy energy drink that brings a layer of healthy benefits infused with brand elements of fashion, beauty, fitness and fun.


SH: What sets GORGIE apart from other energy drink brands?

MCG: GORGIE is created by women, for everyone! We believe that wellness should feel good, taste good and look good with you—all while bringing those feel-good vibes! GORGIE is where energy drinks meet wellness, delivering a refreshing sparkling beverage with added benefits like biotin, B vitamins, L-theanine and no nasties. Where most brands build in a silo, we've been building with our community from Day Zero. Before even starting production, we launched the brand on TikTok asking our followers and friends what products they actually want. Candy? Powders? Drinks? Our IG circles were vocal about which flavors and colors they wanted to see. Our community not only shows up for us digitally—they are also prominently featured on our cans and get together in real life! We like to say we are the "socially verified beverage with benefits." Not only do our ingredients stand out from the rest of the pack, but our early community-driven approach is also next level.


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SH: Who should drink GORGIE?

MCG: Everyone! We've been taking over college campuses as well as office buildings, nurses stations and fire departments, hot girl walks and New York fashion week all the way to D1 athlete locker rooms and Super Bowl parties. It was built by women, for everyone! Everyone can enjoy healthier ingredients, vibey branding and fun experiences—we're truly a beverage with benefits for everyone.

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SH: What flavors are available? What's your personal fave?

MCG: Sparkling Watermelon Crush ($38) (my fave!), Sparkling Peachy Keen ($38), and Sparkling Electric Berry ($38)—with more on the way soon!


SH: What's one thing you want everyone to know about GORGIE?

MCG: I truly get so sad every time I throw out a can after I drink a GORGIE. I love the branding so much and she feels like a friend to me. GORGIE is a labor of love and I'm so proud that it's so much better for you and that we were able to launch with Whole Foods. Feels good, looks good, tastes good! Our customers are loving the flavors and we love hearing their feedback.


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SH: Any fun/random facts you want to share?

MCG: I love running, walking and tennis and I'm okay with the fact that I'm not a professional at any of them—I love having fun and staying active and being outside! Also, so random, but I attended law school for two weeks! I share this because I think living in beta is a theme of my life. Try everything, and stick with what feels natural and right. I'm constantly shocked by how the last few chapters of my life have been written and cannot wait to see what comes next!


SH: Anything else you'd like us to know?

MCG: I love building brands. Entrepreneurship in my mind is where you feel something so strongly that it already exists in your mind, now your job is to just bring that to reality with a team of dreamers and believers. We say progress over perfection is the key, and wow do we have fun figuring it all out! #teamGORGIE.

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