Celebs You Totally Forgot Guest Starred on 'Jessie'

Can you believe that it's been nearly a year since Disney's series Jessie came to an end?

The cast of Disney Channel's "Jessie"

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We've had some time to recover from the heartbreak of the show's culmination, and during that time, we took it upon ourselves to re-watch some of the most memorable episodes. In doing so, we've discovered something wonderful: They're full of guest appearances from some pretty notable celebs.

Take a peek at 10 stars you may have never noticed popped in to make an appearance.

Guest: The First LadyMichelle Obama

Episode: "From the White House to Our House" — In this episode, Zuri plans a birthday party for her new friend, Taylor. Taylor misses her mom who is in the military, so Zuri calls up the First Lady of the United Stated (NBD) and has her fly Taylor's mom home for her birthday party. Basically, the whole Ross family gets to party with Michelle Obama in the penthouse. Birthday goals. ????

Michelle Obama on the set of Disney's "Jessie"

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Guest: G. Hannelius from Dog With a Blog 

Episode: "Creepy Connie 3: The Creepy Creepening" — Creepy Connie is up to her no good shenanigans in this episode where she hires G. Hannelius' character, Mackenzie, to act as her boarding school roommate. Connie thinks this will convince Luke that she's over him. She's obviously so not.

G. Hannelius on the set of Disney's "Jessie"

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Guest: Maia Mitchell from The Fosters 

Episode: "Jessie's Big Break" and "Jessie's Aloha-Holidays with Parker and Joey" — Maia plays Shaylee Michaels, a strong and brave Australian actress, who lands Jessie a part in her new movie and plays her stunt double. Luke has one mega crush on her.

Maia Mitchell in an episode of Disney's "Jessie"

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Guest: Katherine McNamara from Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments

Episode: "Kids Don't Wanna Be Shunned" and "Diary Of A Mad Newswoman" — Katherine plays Bryn Breitbart, a stuck-up mean girl who goes to school at East View High School. She and Emma are total enemies due to her manipulating ways.

Katherine McNamara on the set of "Jessie" with Peyton List

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Guest: Jack Griffo from The Thundermans

Episode: "Somebunny's in Trouble" — In this episode, Jack plays Brett Summers, the football jock Emma's dating. Trouble arises when she finds a phone number in his jacket, and she assumes he is cheating on her with another girl. No spoiler alerts here, so you'll have to re-watch the episode to see whose number he's really holding onto.

Jack Griffo on the set of Disney's "Jessie" with Peyton List

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Guest: Stefanie Scott from A.N.T. Farm

Episode: "Hoedown Showdown" — Stefanie portrays the character of Maybelle, the Rosses' new neighbor. Maybelle is a spunky, country girl who has the same demeanor as Jessie. She's a true Texas girl at heart. ????

Stefanie Scott on Disney's "Jessie"

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Guest: Francesca Capaldi from Dog With a Blog

Episode: "What a Steal" — Francesca plays Madeline, a young friend of Ravi, who at first seems sweet and innocent. She later shows her true colors when she's discovered to be a thief. What a little mischief-maker!

Francesca Capaldi on an episode of Disney's "Jessie"

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Guest: John DeLuca from Teen Beach Movie

Episode: "Jessie's Big Break" — John's character McD, AKA, Timmy Finkleberg, plays a flirty former director who once dated Shaylee Michaels (played by fellow Teen Beach Movie star, Maia Mitchell!). His character is a big time player who hits on lots of girls. Can you say major turn off?

John DeLuca kissing Maia Mitchell's hand on an episode of Disney's "Jessie"

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Guest: Garrett Clayton from Teen Beach Movie

Episode: "The Blind Date, the Cheapskate and the Primate" — In this episode, cutie Garrett Clayton plays Earl, a dirty janitor who takes Jessie on her first date after her and Tony break up. Let's just say the character Garrett plays is nothing like him. ????

Garrett Clayton with Debby Ryan on an episode of Disney's "Jessie"

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Guest: Phil Lewis from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody 

Episode: "Karate Kid-tastrophe" — In this episode, Phil reprises his role of Marion Moseby from The Suite Life of Zack and Cody (uh-mazing!). He reveals that he's once again the manager at the New York Tipton Hotel. Go, Mr. Moseby!

Mr. Moseby on the set of Disney's "Jessie"

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