Michelle Obama's Girl Power Tag!

In a recent clip recorded for Seventeen Magazine's girl power tag, First Lady Michelle Obama weighed in on what girl power means for her!Michelle Obama's Girl Power Tag

As she discussed what girl power is all about, she put a big emphasis on the importance of a good education. Girl power is about being the best version of yourself that you can be, which involves developing your talents and, of course, honing your mind!

A good education is about a lot more than showing up at school, Mrs. Obama explained.It's about always applying yourself, as well as challenging yourself to learn new things!

Sometimes it's hard, but you should never give up, and always keep trying until you succeed. Hard work can help girls to be confident and be heard in the world.

Lastly, she said that girls can become empowered by getting educated, because an education can never be taken from you! Achieving your dreams begins with hard work!

Check out all of what Michelle Obama had to say in the video below, and join us at SweetyHigh.com to tell us why girl power is so important to you!