Micro-pig and Cat are Playful BFFs- Video Pick Of the Day!

Since pets don't really get the chance to go out on the weekends, Franklin the micro-pig and Floyd the cat spend their Friday nights trying to outsmart each other!

Watch as these unlikely friends do their best to be the victor in the battle of the species!

Micro pigs are also known as teacup pigs or mini pigs. While Franklin featured in the video above is still a piglet, micro pigs are not just normal piglets. They're piggies bred to grow to about knee-height on an adult.

Micro-pigs are much smaller than their pot-bellied cousins! They're also said to be great pets, not unlike dogs. If you leave them alone, however, they can make a huge mess! They get lonely if you don't give them enough attention- which is why they generally get along so well with other pets!