Midnight Memories Album By One Direction Dropped!

One Direction's new Midnight Memories album dropped today, and we can barely type from all of the excitement! The album flaunts 14 ridiculously good new tracks that will stun Directioners, plus 4 bonus tracks for all of the lucky ones out there that sprung for the deluxe edition!Midnight Memories

That's a whole hour of new tracks by One Direction! Even better, there isn't one track on this album that we would say is even close to filler!

The band released one early track every week for a month before the release of the album for everyone who had pre-ordered it, bringing an adequate buzz to this epic release.

They sold more than 200,000 albums in presales and are sure to sell millions more this holiday season! We've been waiting ages for this new release, so it's amazing to see what the band are really capable of and how far they've come!

Though this album definitely has a more mature sound, it's the same One Direction we all know and love. They're back and better than ever!

One thing that One Direction does brilliantly on this album is its reviving of old genres and making them completely new. The album shows off their range, showing that they're not only the kings of pop, but can also reign over the genres of rock, folk and more!

The boys also tried their hand at songwriting on this album, with some amazing results. We're so proud of the band and all the ways they are growing as musicians!

The album begins with "Best Song Ever," a track we've all known and loved since the awesome documentary This Is Us hit theaters. The track has an awesome synth opening and power chord riff reminiscent of The Who, which is the perfect start to a brand new beginning!

It then leads into "Story Of My Life," which the boys of One Direction co-wrote together. It's folksy sound and epic chorus have made it an instant classic!

But that's only the beginning of this incredible album. It continues with the rock-styled "Midnight Memories" and the classic 80s vibe of "Diana".

"Happily" is one of our absolute new favorites, with a chorus you can really dance and sing along to. Harry also co-wrote the song, leaving us hopeful he'll write even more in the future!

"Through the Dark" is another favorite, with driving banjos and a beat that inspires you to get up and do something!

The album continues with rock anthem "Little Black Dress," co-written by Louis and Liam, which feels like an instant rock 'n' roll classic, and "Don't Forget Where You Belong" will be another hit with  an awesome piano riff driving the beat!

We're also obsessed with the bonus track "Does He Know," hearkening back to rocking 80s love songs!

Overall, Midnight Memories is one album that cannot be missed, especially for the Directioners out there!

If you don't have it yet, don't forget that the holidays are coming up!

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