Midnight Memories Behind the Scenes Clips!

Get ready for the first of four Midnight Memories behind the scenes clips courtesy of One Direction!Midnight Memories Behind the Scenes

"Midnight Memories" is One Direction's latest single and music video, cowritten by band members Liam Payne and Louis Tomlinson.

The music video depicts an epic night in London, but it all begins at a bad house party. In this first behind-the-scenes clip, we get to see how that portion of the music video was filmed, from the storyboard stage to the actual day of filming!

We get to see Harry Styles getting his makeup touched up, Zayn's zany experiences with an adorable black lab, and Liam getting squirted with a fire extinguisher full of flour!

This is just first clip giving us special access to the music video. Three more are on the way, and in the next video, we'll learn who has the best mobility scooter skills in the band!

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