Midnight Memories Music Video By One Direction!

The wait is over, Directioners! The Midnight Memories music video, for the title track of One Direction's latest album, has finally hit the web!Midnight Memories Music Video

The video begins at the lamest party ever, where the boys of One Direction don't seem to be enjoying themselves much. But when the DJ puts "Midnight Memories" on the turntable, things finally turn around!

The guys bust out of the party for a very English midnight meal at a kebab shop, where they rile up a crowd with the part of a lifetime!

Things get even crazier when they join some little old ladies in a race down the streets of London on rascal scooters before "borrowing" a police boat for a ride down the Thames past the London Eye, Parliament and Tower Bridge!

We love the frenetic energy of this new Midnight Memories music video, as well as the mini-tour of London the boys give us throughout the video! Join us at Sweety High and let us know what you think!