Midnight Memories To Be One Direction's 3rd Album!

One Direction have just announced that their third album, Midnight Memories, will be out on November 25! It's time to start your personal countdown to the release of the album (which releases in 80 days, by the way!)Midnight Memories

The band revealed the new album's title in a series of videos showing the boys rearranging a pile of letters, which eventually spelled out "Midnight Memories!"

"Very rock direction," Liam said in a recent interview with MTV News "We actually spent a lot of time writing this album. We're very proud of it, so we can't wait for it to come out. … But it's very different so we are hoping people will kind of adjust to the music with us."

Simon Cowell also mentioned that the boys spent a lot of time writing their own songs!

You can pre-order it started Monday. Who else can't contain their excitement?