Midnight Red Cover Team By Lorde!

Midnight Red cover Team by Lorde in a new music video! They spent some time in New York City to film their lives for the track!Midnight Red cover Team

Footage in the video showcases real moments in the lives of the band as they meet fans, order dinner at a sushi restaurant, and travel about on planes and buses!

It also shows the group hanging out with Emblem3 and Jake Miller, as well as the gals from Fifth Harmony! The song is about sticking together and being on the same team, and the video highlights a bunch of the band's friends who are part of #TeamMidnightRed!

We also LOVE Midnight Red's take on the Lorde track. With some rich harmonies and great vocals, the group really makes the song their own.

"We put the Midnight Red twist on it," Joey explains at the beginning of the video.

It also features more than a minute of amazing bonus footage, including moonwalking, zebras and much much more!

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