Midnight Red Revealed: Episode 2 Premiere!

Sweety High presents the second installment in the Midnight Red Revealed series today, taking fans behind the scenes of the MTV Artist To Watch Tour!

It begins with Midnight Red rehearsing their routine to "Miss Firestarter" in the Basement Dance Center in North Hollywood, and performing their incredible remix of "Counting Stars" and "Timber"!

We also follow the boys from Los Angeles to Miami, where they check into their hotel and walk us through their daily routine.

Eric shows off his hairspray technique, while Thomas grills bodyguard and road manager Bert about his own missing hairspray!

Make sure to watch the full episode and tell us what you think of it in the comments below!

Click here to check out Episode 1 of Midnight Red Revealed and tune in to SweetyHigh.com on May 23rd for Episode 3!

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