Midnight Red Revealed: Episode 3!

Presented by Sweety High, Midnight Red Revealed Episode 3 takes you even deeper into the lives of Anthony, Colton, Eric, Joey and Thomas during a break from their tour!

During some time at the beach, the guys show off their best model poses and serenade a sunbather with Bruno Mars' "Treasure"!

Midnight Red also heads to the driving range and gets a lesson from a professional, and we get to take a look at Thomas Augusto's unique golf skills!

We even get to see the guys head to the bowling alley. Which member of Midnight Red strikes big? You'll just have to watch to find out!

Be sure to return on May 30th for Episode 4, exclusively on Sweety High! You can also click here to learn how to win a pair of Midnight Red sunglasses and join our big community of Redheads at SweetyHigh.com!

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