Mikayla Geier Tells Us About Her Love for Ramen and More!

We're willing to bet you're already familiar with musician, actress and content creator, Mikayla Geier.

And if this is your first introduction to the creator, you are in for quite the treat. We've been fans of hers ever since we saw her ballet videos (yes, she's a dancer, too!) and dance videos with her friends, and since then, we haven't been able to stop watching her videos. Mikayla was kind enough to answer all of our most burning questions, so if you want to learn some fun and unique facts about her, just keep scrolling!

1. Mikayla has eaten ramen more than anything else.

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2. She loves being part of Meta's Creators of Tomorrow.

"It's a huge honor to be on a list with so many amazing creatives that I look up to."

-Mikayla Geier


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3. Mikayla's go-to apps for editing photos and videos are Splice and Adobe Suite.

4. Her most viral video includes her mom.

"My most viral video consisted of me dancing around to 'Crazy Frog' and my mom watching in the background. I think it has almost 70 million views or something crazy like that!"

-Mikayla Geier

@mikaylageier Money well spent #crazydancemoves #dancerlife #dancersoftiktok ♬ original sound – Mikayla Geier

5. Mikayla's biggest guilty pleasure is binge-watching TV shows.


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6. She recently got starstruck over Raveena when she saw her live.

7. Mikayla can't name just one favorite creator.

"Honestly I love following creators that I'm friends with in real life. It's so fun to keep up with what they're doing by watching all their videos :)"

-Mikayla Geier

8. When she gets discouraged, she likes to go on long walks and listen to podcasts.

9. Her favorite type of content to create is anything she films with her friends.

"At the moment, I've been loving collaborations with friends. It's so fun and helps me get out of my head!"

-Mikayla Geier

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10. Her Tai Poh gave her some great advice.

"I asked my Tai Poh, who is 112, how she has lived so long and she said, 'Because I'm happy.' It always reminds me to put everything in perspective and not take things too seriously."

-Mikayla Geier


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