We Totally Bet You Didn't Catch Your Fave Celebs in These Throwback Music Videos

Before they were major celebs, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Jennifer Lawrence and more got their start acting in music videos.

Scroll below to see if you remember seeing them in these vids .

Jennifer Lawrence

Before she was a blockbuster star, J. Law was the love interest in Parachute's "The Mess I Made." Boy has she come a long way since this video premiered in 2010.


Cameron Boyce

Way back in 2008, Cameron starred in Panic! at the Disco's video for "That Green Gentleman." He played the younger version of the band's former lead guitarist Ryan Ross. How cute is he?!


Ross and Riker Lynch

Both of the R5 members made an appearance in the music video for "Ordinary Girl" by Hannah Montana. Catch them in the background around the 50 second mark.


Miley Cyrus

Speaking of Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus made a brief cameo in the music video for "Seventeen Forever," a song by her brother Trace Cyrus's band Metro Station. Billy Ray Cyrus and Mitchel Musso can even be spotted in the vid. Can you find them?


Selena Gomez

You've probably seen the video for "Burnin' Up" by the Jonas Brothers at least a million times through, but did you remember Selena Gomez was in it? Yep, she starred as Nick's love interest, which totally sparked dating rumors.


Camilla Belle

But Nick wasn't the only JoBro who started a relationship with his love interest. After starring in "Lovebug," Joe and Camilla began dating. Wish we were lucky enough to have been in a Jonas Brothers music video back in the day. Sigh!


Ashley Benson

Pre-her Pretty Little Liars days, Ashley was in the video for the boy band NLT's song "That Girl." Recognize the member Ashley's dancing with? It's Glee star Kevin McHale.


Zac Efron

This is seriously the ultimate throwback. When Vanessa Hudgens had her singing career, her then-boyfriend Zac played the male lead in her video for "Say Ok." Our Zanessa hearts can't handle this level of cuteness.


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