Miley Cyrus Still Wants To Appeal To Younger Fans!

With Miley Cyrus's LOL finally coming out in the U.K. next week, Miley's been doing a bunch of press, and she is super excited to see her costars rising to fame!

LOL is a super cute movie about juggling family relationships with romantic relationships, and education with a social life, and is a far departure from the times when Miley was a Disney Channel star.

I've heard so many claims that Miley has been trying to distance herself from her Disney past by venturing into more adult roles, but Miley claims it isn't true!

"I hope they see me as someone who is maturing, not stepping away from my younger fans," Miley said, "and picking roles that I can really relate to."

That's good to hear. Let me know what you think in the comments!

Love ya!