Miley's 18th Birthday Bash Abroad!

Miley Cyrus is reportedly planning an extravagant celebration for her 18th birthday, including a trip overseas for 10 of her closest friends. She and her friends will be hitting the beach on her birthday, November 23rd.

"I hope I can just have a frickin' break", says Miley. "I haven't had time, even a week, to chill, so I'm probably just going to go to the beach or something. I'll take about 10 of my friends with me and hang out with the people I never really get to see. A lot of my friends, they work, and I'm in the business too, so I'll make sure we carve out some time so we can relax."

Sounds fun Miley! We hope you get a second to relax– after all it's your birthday!

Sending Sweet Wishes your way!