Miley's Brother is Supportive of Liam and Miley's Relationship!

The on-again, off-again relationship between Miley Cyrus and hottie Liam Hemsworth has been confirmed to be on again by Miley's brother, Trace Cyrus.

We are so glad to hear that the two love birds are back together and better than ever!

Trace is definitely glad his sis rekindled her relationship with Liam, revealing that he and Liam are "homies."

How cute! We wish we were homies with Liam!

He also told "Us Weekly" that he is really supportive of Miley, saying, "I support my sister in anything she does."

He's so supportive that he let Miley record a song for his band's next album called "Shot in the Dark."

"It will be a single for sure," claims Trace!

Miley's heading straight to the top and we can't wait to see this star reach her full potential!