Millie Bobby Brown Teased Big Hair Changes, and Possibly Shaving Her Head Again

It's getting to be time for some hair changes, if you ask Millie Bobby Brown.

The Stranger Thing star came to fame with a buzz as the character Eleven but has since grown it out. She apparently likes to switch it up and has big plans.

In a recent Instagram story, Millie told fans that she's considering growing out her locks quite a bit and then shaving them off.

Millie teased the idea by uploading a photo of herself with long hair. She had put text over it that said, "think i [sic] might grow my hair real long and then shave it off again…"

Millie Bobby Brown Instagram Stories screenshot

(via Millie Bobby Brown/Instagram)

Millie has said that she misses her days of having a buzz, as Teen Vogue pointed out. In January, she tweeted that it was "so empowering" to go that short.

"You don't need hair to be beautiful," she added.

Millie Bobby Brown

(Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for Netflix)

Millie isn't the only one who vouches for shaving your head. The Kissing Booth star Joey King recently buzzed hers for a role, and she told Allure that every woman should try it.

"It's something that's very freeing, really fun, and really empowering," Joey said.

Whatever Millie does with her hair, the long and short of it is that she can pull off any look.


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