8 Things You Should Know About Austin & Ally's Mimi Kirkland

Mimi Kirkland is a young actress who stars as Ally Dawson's protege Lily in the latest season of Disney Channel's Austin & Ally. In a recent interview, we asked Mimi to reveal some things about herself and answer questions about her time on the show.

8 things you never knew about austin & ally's mimi kirkland

What's your go-to accessory?

1. Hats! There are so many kinds of hats that are fun, funky and cool. I like to change my look by just throwing on a hat!

What's the last movie you watched with your mom?

2. Adventures in Babysitting

Do you have any secret talents?

3. I'm ambidextrous.

Tell us about your favorite pair of shoes.

4. My favorite pair of shoes are my tall, chestnut Uggs – they are cute and comfortable and go with all my outfits – shorts, dresses and pants.

What three things would you bring with you on a desert island?

5. My family, a tent, a life supply of Cool Ranch Doritos

If you could keep eating without getting full, which dream meal would you want to eat right this minute?

6. Cheeseburgers and fries with ketchup on the side and a chocolate milkshake.

What's your weirdest phobia?

7. Bugs, even butterflies and ladybugs

Which female icon is your biggest inspiration?

8. My mom: She teaches me to do the right thing and she supports and inspires me every day to be strong and confident.

Mimi Kirkland plays Lily in Austin & Ally

On being part of the Austin & Ally cast…

Being part of the cast of Austin & Ally has been one of the best acting experiences. It was my first time in front of a studio audience. I loved working with Laura, Ross, Calum and Raini every day of the week on set. They are all friends in real life and naturally funny and fun to be around. The cast and crew made me feel like I was part of the group!

Before I knew I was going to be on Austin & Ally, I was a HUGE fan and had seen every episode. It was crazy because I felt like I already knew them since I was already such a big fan of the show, so to actually meet them in person and hang out with them for several weeks on set, was amazing.

On her character, Lily…

Lily is a happy, energetic, easily excitable girl who starts out wanting to take music lessons from Ally only because Lily is an Ally Dawson fan. Lily starts enjoying music and becomes a part of a group of students who are learning different instruments at the A&A Music Factory. She gains a lot of confidence from music throughout this season.

I am a lot like Lily in real life so it is easy to play her role. I can be my happy, bouncy self on screen and it seems to work for her character. I also can add in things I would personally do because we are so similar.

On working with Laura Marano and Ross Lynch

Laura and Ross were amazing from day one. They came up to me at the table read and welcomed me to the show. I felt like a part of the cast immediately and we had a great time on set laughing and just having fun.

On music…

I like to sing, dance, play piano and I played the trumpet for a year in my school band. I love listening to music and making music videos for fun.

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