You Have To See This Incredible Art Created in Minecraft to Believe It

For many, Minecraft is a game about collecting resources and using them smartly to build up a base and fight bad guys. For others (us included!), it's more an art tool for self-expression.

Don't believe us? The videos below show off some of the best pop culture-inspired art ever created in Minecraft. We dare you not to be impressed.

Elsa's Castle From Frozen

This massive ice castle is built into the side of a towering mountain, just like Queen Elsa's. The interior is as intricately built as the facade of the castle, and we particularly love Elsa's "Let It Go" balcony.



This Doctor Who staple is definitely bigger on the inside, and making it that way was quite the feat. In this video, creator HiFolksImAdam explains how he did it—which we still don't truly understand.



A Starbucks

Even Minecraft Steve needs a Frappuccino to pick him up every once in a while. While this Starbucks building might not be as fantastical as other Minecraft creations, we love the realism in every detail.


The Land of Ooo From Adventure Time

While this recreation of the Adventure Time theme song seems to use some editing magic to more closely resemble what's seen in the show, the creator has done an incredible job bringing the magical Land of Ooo into three dimensions.


Nintendo Switch

While we're counting the days until March 3 when the Nintendo Switch releases, this giant Minecraft version of the awesome new console will have to do.


The Kingdom of Corona From Tangled

Who knew paper lanterns could be so gorgeously rendered in Minecraft? The kingdom looks beautiful from a distance, and Rapunzel and Flynn bobbing in their little boat is a really nice touch.


All 151 Sprites From Pokémon Red and Blue

Minecraft art doesn't have to be built out in three dimensions. 2-D masterpieces can be just as cool, and this guy painstakingly made the pixel art for all 151 original Pokémon in the game. This took the creator three months, by the way.



If you're like us and you still resent that you never got your Hogwarts acceptance letter, exploring the Hogwarts grounds in this Minecraft creation is the next best thing to being besties with Harry Potter.


All of Hyrule From The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time was groundbreaking when it released more than 20 years ago, showing off just how massive a video game could really be in a 3D space. All these years later, it's still totally impressive in the form of Minecraft blocks.


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