This Home Beauty Tool Airbrushed My Face in Seconds

This year, the most effective way I've managed to get that Instagram filter-like glow is by using Charlotte Tilbury's Hollywood Flawless Filter highlighting liquid.

So when a rep for the brand-new Mineral Air product reached out about an at-home facial airbrush system that could potentially give me similar results (but in foundation form), it piqued my interest. I received a sample Complexion + Blush Kit for review ($215), and let the spraying begin!

The Product

My first thought when I received my kit was yikeshow do I do this? I'm terrible at assembling things and not the girl who happily reads instruction manuals. Everything looked foreign to me. But when I finally overcame my procrastination (I seriously wasted so much time), I flipped through the instructions and was pleased to find that they were totally comprehensive.

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My sample kit came with an airbrush tool, two reservoir heads,
one travel-size bottle of 4-in-1 foundation in the shade of my choice, one 10ml travel size bottle of blush in Rose Petal, one standard size bottle of airbrush cleaner and a micro-USB charging cord.

More than anything, I was drawn in by the 4-in-1 foundation, which promises to prime, conceal, hydrate and pigment the skin with a nearly weightless mist and a satin finish. 

My face has been uncharacteristically sensitive lately (I think due to the weather), so I've been holding off on following my normal skincare routine to avoid irritation. When I realized I had this 4-in-1 option, not only would it save me time, but I was hoping it would be less harsh on my skin.

And it probably goes without saying, but hence the product's name, the makeup includes no parabens, synthetic dyes, fragrances, talc, harsh oils, or fillers—just minerals.


The Experience

I've worn the product twice, and the first time was right before a holiday party (see photo below). Applying the airbrushed foundation was much easier than I expected. The instruction manual guides you from where you should begin on the face and how to transition to each additional part. And the process is quick. The product blends together naturally, so no need to bust out the trusty Beauty Blender.

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When it came time to put the blush on my cheeks, I did dab the color lightly with my BB after a few back and forth sprays so that it looked a bit more natural. I was very pleased with my holiday party look, although its finish was a different consistency than I'm used to. I left it as is, and didn't apply my Charlotte Tilbury product or any other highlighting product, which, therefore, didn't leave me with that jaw-dropping glow.

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Holiday party vibes wearing @mineral_air airbrush blush and foundation! #nofilter ????????‍♀️

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I applied the foundation again this morning (see below photo). I think because of the different lighting than what I had the other evening, I was able to get a better glimpse at the product's results. I noticed that the foundation really latched on to my pores and wrinkles, making them much more visible—though I do appreciate that the consistency is light and my skin does not feel clogged with makeup. In photos, my complexion appears clear. I think just my own up-close view takes some getting used to because I'm applying a product I haven't used prior.

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Me testing out @mineral_air for that Instagram airbrush filter look ????????‍♀️

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Bottom Line

Mineral Air lives up to its promise. It primes, hydrates, pigments and conceals—and it's lightweight. That said, like with any product you've never used before, it takes a bit of trial and error to nail it. I've only used it twice, but I plan to continue, because I think, with enough effort, I can really get it to a picture-perfect place. I'm not there just yet.

It's a bit on the expensive side, but a little liquid goes a long way, so it's not like you'll have to continuously buy refills. Several years ago, I used a MAC airbrush product and it ran out after something like five uses. This product won't have the same issues. You can also purchase items individually if you don't feel like buying everything in the starter kit. If you only want the airbrush tool, reservoir head, foundation and charger, you can order just that.

If you're into makeup, I suggest giving it a try. The satin finish is very different from other foundations I've used, and it's fun to change things up.


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