The Minions Get Their Own Movie In Despicable Me Spin-off!

Our favorite yellow creatures are getting a movie of their own with Universal Pictures' Minions, which releases next year!minions movie despicable me

In a trailer for the Despicable Me spin-off, we learn that the Minions have been around for a very long time, dating all the way back to Pangaea! 

For as long as they have existed, it's been the duty of minions to serve the most despicable leader around, whether they're a Tyrannosaurus Rex, Egyptian pharaoh, Napoleon, Dracula, or Despicable Me's Gru!

The Minions have never had a tough time finding masters, but keeping them is a different story entirely. After losing ruler after ruler, they begin to feel purposeless.

Tired of living without a purpose, a Minion named Kevin takes initiative and decides to seek out a worthy villain to serve. He's joined by Minions Stuart and Bob as they undertake an epic quest to find a new master.

At the end of the trailer, we see the trio of Minions arrive in New York in 1968. We can't wait to see where the story will lead!

Minions will star Steve Carell and Sandra Bullock and hit theaters on July 10, 2015. Comment below to stay updated on all things Despicable Me and Minions and share your favorite clips, pics and more with us at Sweety High!