If Minnie Mouse Is Your Fave Disney Character, You Need These Items

Sorry Mickey, but Minnie is the greatest Disney mouse there is.

From her stellar fashion sense to her sweet disposition, Minnie Mouse has everything going for her.

If you're as big a lover of this mouse as we are, get ready for a serious online shopping sesh as you scroll through this list of adorable Minnie-inspired items.

Minnie Mouse-Inspired Bow: $15

Every Minnie Mouse fan needs their very own bow. This full and fluffy hair accessory is almost identical to Minnie's.

Minnie Mouse-inspired polka dot bow

(via Etsy)


Minnie Mouse-Inspired Caramel Apple Pin: $5.93

A sweet nod to an even sweeter mouse.

Minnie Mouse-inspired caramel apple pin

(via Etsy)


Minnie Mouse Earrings: $10

These dainty little earrings would look adorable with any look.

Minnie Mouse earrings

(via Etsy)


Minnie Mouse Necklace: $5.20

How could you say no to that face?

Minnie Mouse necklace

(via Etsy)


Minnie Mouse-Inspired Dad Hat: $21.99

A hat like this is worthy of being worn year-round, especially on trips to any Disney park.

Minnie Mouse-inspired dad hat

(via Disney Store)


Minnie Mouse Pajamas: $15.99

Have you ever seen a set of more perfectly polka dotted jammies?

Minnie Mouse pajamas

(via Target)


Minnie Mouse-Inspired Mug: $14.95

Sipping on your fave beverage out of a Minnie-inspired mug? Yes, please!

Minnie Mouse-inspired mug with a large bow on the front of it

(via Disney Store)


Minnie Mouse iPhone Case: $29.99

Don't deny it—you need this case on your phone.

Minnie Mouse iPhone 6 case

(via Disney Store)


Minnie Mouse Patch: $9.75

This patch is a bit large, so it'll be a nice focal point on the back of your fave denim jacket.

Minnie Mouse patch

(via Estsy)


Minnie Mouse Tumbler: $7.95

Want to know a secret about this tumbler? The straw changes color when you use it.

Minnie Mouse tumbler

(via Disney Store)


Minnie Mouse-Inspired Brush: $12.95

Minnie may not have hair, but we trust this brush to do its job keeping our locks tame.

Minnie Mouse hair brush

(via Disney Store)


Minnie Mouse-Inspired Backpack: $44.99

Keep all of your belongings safe, whether you're at school or Disneyland, in this sparkly backpack.

Sequined Minnie Mouse-inspired backpack

(via Disney Store)


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