Minnie Mouse Signing 'I Love You' to This Little Deaf Boy Will Melt Your Heart

Disneyland is well-known for upholding its reputation as the happiest place on earth, but these Disney characters went above and beyond to make sure a little boy with a hearing impairment felt welcome.

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During a recent field trip to the park, the little one found himself face-to-face with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. When the characters discovered that the little boy can't hear, they quickly adjusted to the new situation.

Minnie Mouse leaned down and carefully signed "It's nice to meet you!" and "I love you!" to the surprised child. Even though the little boy is known for being uncomfortable with touch, talking with the two characters in his own language caused him to forget his insecurities and jump happily into their arms.

Click HERE to see footage of the adorable exchange!


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