Ranking the Best Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Creams

There are two kinds of people in this world: people who think that mint chocolate chip ice cream is glorified toothpaste, and those that know it is a top-tier flavor, worth getting at any scoop shop.

I happen to be in the latter camp. Mint chocolate chip is the perfect mix of refreshing and chocolatey, with just the right amount of mix-ins for texture. And yet, while mint chocolate chip ice cream is rarely a bad idea, I have been around the block enough times (and by the block, I mean the freezer section of the grocery store) to know that there is "good" mint chocolate chip ice cream, and a great one.

While I can't rank every single mint chip flavor on the market, I have opinions about these six brands' takes on the classic dessert. Below, ranked in ascending order of deliciousness, are my picks.

6. Halo Top Creamery Mint Chip


(via Halo Top)

I'll be honest: I appreciate what Halo Top is trying to do, and Mint Chip may be my favorite flavor of this lower-calorie brand of not-exactly-ice-cream. Alas, it's still Halo Top, and will always be an "eat it if it's there" freezer option. It definitely has the most protein of all the ice creams on this list, though, if that's your thing!


5. Turkey Hill's Choco Mint Chip

Turkey Hill's version of mint chocolate chip ice cream lacks something very important: the chocolate chips. Technically, the brand doesn't actually use them. Instead, it uses "choco chips," which have a chocolatey flavor but, um, are decidedly not chocolate. It makes for a lack of crunch as the choco chips are more like ribbons than chips. If you prefer a smoother texture, though, this may be your thing—and it's definitely a good option for a milkshake base.


4. McConnell's Mint Chip


(via McConnell's)

McConnell's is a premium ice cream brand, and at $12 a pint, most flavors do not miss. Made with organic peppermint, McConnell's Mint Chip is refreshing and smooth. It's white instead of green, which makes it feel more "natural." The one thing that knocks it off a point for this taster? The chips are melted instead of intact, giving the chocolate more of a crumble texture.


3. Ben & Jerry's Mint Chocolate Cookie

While Ben & Jerry'does have a more traditional mint chocolate chip flavor (called Mint Chocolate Chunk) it's not available in stores, thus, we had to evaluate its closest relative. This version is cookies and cream, but with a mint twist! Ben & Jerry's take on the classic mint chocolate chip flavor is definitely a crowd-pleaser, however, some purists (read: me) may prefer the classic mint and chocolate chip version.


2. Edy's Slow Churned Mint Chocolate Chip

Technically, this is a "lighter" ice cream choice—but just because it's not quite as dense as some of the other options on this list doesn't mean it's not delicious. This slow-churned version is made with actual chunks of chocolate, is a pleasant pale green color (for those who prefer it) and has a significantly less strong peppermint flavor than some of its competitors. Overall, a solid choice.


1. Trader Joe's Mint Chip Ice Cream


(via Trader Joe's)

No one would accuse Trader Joe's of being underrated, but it may just be when talking specifically about its ice cream selection. This premium ice cream is packed with just-the-right-size chocolate chips. The ice cream itself is smooth and creamy, and the peppermint flavor is neither too artificial nor overly "natural." Pair it with TJ's hot fudge, and you have a real winning sundae.


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