Miranda Cosgrove Is More Like Carly Than She Thinks!

Miranda Cosgrove has had the role of Carly on the show iCarly for quite some time. So it should come as no surprise that she has started to become more like her character by the day. Check out this interview she had with Nylon for how she got the role, if she'll be singing more on the show, the vibe on set, and more.

On how she got the gig on iCarly:

When I was little, I was on another show on Nickelodeon called Drake & Josh, and the creator of that show ended up coming up with the idea for iCarly… He approached my mom and I when I was 12.

On if she'll be singing more on the show:

I sing once on the show – actually twice, sorry! – and I sing the theme song, but really, the show isn't a musical. It's more just about a girl that's sort of "underground famous" for making a web show.

On the vibe on set:

Basically, we've all grown up together and we all know each other really well. At this point, it's like being with your family. And I've worked at the studio where we film for such a long time, I just feel like it's my home. We improv a lot, and we get to put a lot [of our improvs] into [the show]. We know the writers really well, so if we don't think a line is really funny or we're not doing it right, we can ask for help. We all work together.

On her most memorable episode:

It's weird because we all kind of grew up on the show, and there's a whole love triangle thing between my character and my friends Sam [a girl] and Freddie [a boy]. It's kind of funny, because we both had to kiss Nathan [Kress], who plays Freddie, and that's just kind of weird for us because we've all known each other for so long… but there's an episode called I Saved Your Life where Freddie kind of saves Carly's life, and she ends up liking him. That was a fun episode to do. That was probably the most memorable.

So the big question is, how different is Miranda from her on-screen character?

I think we're different because I think she's a little sweeter than me. She always tries to do the right thing and most of the time, it doesn't end up going well for her. She goes in with the right intentions and it ends up being a disaster… I guess that actually isn't that far from me. Maybe it is a little like me!

Sounds like the two have a lot more in common than Miranda thinks!