Mitchell Crawford Reveals Why He Loves Spotify's Serotonin Playlist in A Review While…

What in the world would we do without serotonin?

The very special chemical helps us feel good and experience joy while balancing our moods, and while everything from food to exercise to daylight can boost serotonin, so can participating in activities that put you in a great mood. That's the premise behind the epic Serotonin playlist on Spotify, and if you're on the fence about listening to it, you have to hear what Mitchell Crawford has to say about it.

The viral TikTok comedian (best known as @mitchell) is one of the talented hosts of A Review While…, an innovative review series made in collaboration between Entertainment Weekly and Sweety High, which showcases our favorite influencers sharing reviews as they multitask. If you want to know what Mitchell has to say about the Serotonin playlist, just keep reading to find out.

The Serotonin Playlist

So what exactly is Spotify's Serotonin playlist? This collection of feel-food tracks is specially curated by Spotify for "100% good vibes." The ever-changing roster includes 50 songs, consisting of danceable tunes with irresistible beats, inspiring electronic sounds and otherwise joy-inducing vibes with songs from The Chemical Brothers, Tame Impala, Hot Chip and so much more. It's all upbeat and carefully chosen to lift your mood and get your brain pumping with serotonin. What'not to love?


A Review While…

In A Review While… Mitchell Crawford tells us exactly what he thinks about Spotify's joyful playlist, all while detailing his car. As it turns out, the playlist makes him feel exactly what it's supposed to with its happy, upbeat and funky sounds that always manage to bring out the best in him. And since the series is already about multitasking, it'perfect that this playlist makes it easier than ever to get through your day with a fun, bold and fresh approach to your day. "It's called serotonin, but it's all dopamine," Mitchell explains. He's eager to get others listening to these tracks so they get the same delight he does from them. Just push play and instantly improve your day.

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