Mixhers Powdered Supplements Are Tasty Supplements to Help You Survive Your Period and More

Over the past year and a half working from home, I've gotten very into powdered drink supplements.

Not only do they offer all kinds of unique benefits from added hydration to included vitamins and minerals, but they also make water a lot more fun to drink, so my full water bottle doesn't sit at my desk all day. But none of the supplements I've tried have had quite the impact as Mixhers.

This brand recently launched a new line of Herteen powders, which are designed specifically for teenage girls to get them through their toughest days. The team behind Mixhers offered to send me the Herteen powders, as well as some other offerings, and I couldn't pass them up. Keep reading to find out more about Mixhers, and whether or not you should try them, too.

The Brand

Mixhers are made for women, by women. Their powdered supplements were originally developed when the company's founders were seeking a natural way to deal with period-related woes. Using a holistic approach, they sought out natural remedies to regulate hormones, reduce inflammation and otherwise make PMS less of a pain, and after a couple of years of research and development, their Hertime powders were born.

Since then, the brand has expanded a bit to also make multivitamin powders, greens powders, hydration powder, powder for power and the new Herteen line, all in tasty flavors, with zero to five calories per packet. Just tear open a packet of powder, add to eight to 12 oz. of water, stir well and enjoy.

Mixhers sell starting in 30-packs for $54 to $67 each, while the Herteen kits come with 90 sticks and sell for $168. You can also do a monthly subscription to get 20% off of your order.

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The Mixhers


I decided to start with the Hermulti daily multivitamin Mixher, which is designed to fill in the gaps that most women miss in their daily diets. According to the brand, taking these vitamins in liquid form allows them to be absorbed more readily, boosting the immune system as well as energy levels. It contains vitamins C, D, E, and K, plus eight B vitamins, methylated folate for DNA repair and minerals including iodine, magnesium, zinc, selenium and more.

My first experience with the Hermulti vitamin was with the Coconut flavor, and I was surprised with how much I enjoyed it. It had a nutty yet fruity flavor that was unusually pleasant, and it made the 12 oz. of water I added it to super easy to drink down. Best of all, it left me feeling like a million bucks, with no grogginess or brain fog hitting throughout the day. The Fruity Pop and Berry Burst flavors are also just as tasty, and this one quickly became a favorite of mine.

Mixhers Hergreens Hermulti

(via Mixhers)



Don't eat enough veggies throughout the day? Hergreens is designed to help you get that nutritional balance back into your diet with an easy-to-sip green drink. It contains a full day's worth of greens per stick through the inclusion of alfalfa, wheatgrass, kale, spirulina and enzymes, which are great for the body.

But best of all? It doesn'taste like it's packed with bitter green veggies. On my first experience, I had the Pink Grapefruit flavor, and while it had a slight hint of veggie flavor like you might get in a fruit-based green drink, it wasn't at all overpowering, and the citrusy grapefruit was the primary flavor. I don't know if I felt a huge difference after drinking this one, but it was great to know I'd gotten my greens in—and the Blueberry Açai, Apples & Pomegranate and Mango flavors were all super tasty, too.

Mixhers Hergreens

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I've had plenty of hydration sticks for water in my time, so I was curious about how this one would stack up. Interestingly, Herdydration boosts the hydrating factor of water without added sugars, and instead uses natural electrolytes through sodium and potassium, plus green coconut water, which packs further nutrients.

In terms of effectiveness, I feel like this worked about the same as the other hydration powders I've tried in the past. However, I do like that it does this with a low-calorie, no-sugar formula, unlike all of the others—and the Blueberry Coconut flavor I received was a delicious, flavorful mixture of berry goodness and coconut wholesomeness.




Herteen isn't just one stick, but three, designed to help teen girls deal with some of the biggest health issues they deal with. First is a stick for mood and concentration support (which for me, came in a Blueberry Freeze flavor). Not only did this berry powder taste delicious, but I truly did feel like drinking it helped me with my focus, as well as staying level-headed and cheery all day long. Next was the stick for complete acne and PMS support in a vibrant Orange Creamsicle flavor. This wound up being one of my favorite flavors from the whole brand and seemed to effectively combat my cramps and moodiness when the time came (plus, zero breakouts!). And last, but definitely not least, was the stick for calm, which is designed to help aid sleep. For me, this one came in Mello Mango flavor. Not only was the tropical flavor a nice way to end the day, but drinking it about an hour before bed seemed to cut down on my tossing and turning time by quite a bit. Effects-wise, this was one of my favorites from Mixhers, and I'd love to see them craft an adult version as well. Overall, they just work, and I'm a big fan of them, especially in tandem.

Mixhers Hergreens Herteen

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The Herpower Mixhers offer something a little different, containing a nootropic supplement that supports brain function including memory, motivation, creativity and attention. It includes ingredients that allow for better oxygen delivery in the body, resulting in higher performance. While I can't speak to all of that, I do feel that having one of these does help me feel more focused, as well as ready to take on tasks. I especially love having one after lunch if I feel a late-day slump coming on, and they help me get through pretty much anything. Plus, this one comes in Coconut Lime, Peach Mango, Pink Citrus Punch, Piñaberry Babe and Crisp Apple flavors. I don't know which one is most delicious, but the flavor variety definitely keeps me from getting bored and makes me want to have one any chance I can get.

Mixhers Hergreens Herpower

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Last, but definitely not least, it was time to try the Mixhers original: Hertime. These arrived just in time to test during my period and managed to reach all of my high expectations. First of all, the Strawberry Lemonade flavor I received was delicious, and just the thing to get me off on the right foot on the daily. It includes vitamins and minerals you need such as vitamin D, folate, iron and magnesium while also including white peony, milk thistle, licorice root, dong quai root, Siberian ginseng, ginger and kelp leaf to help regulate hormones. Maybe it was just my imagination, but taking this supplement helped me feel less moody and experience fewer cramps while feeling less bloated. I also didn't experience any period-related headaches or hormonal acne. All in all, it worked exactly as described, and I think many women could benefit from taking it.

Mixhers Hergreens Hertime

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Bottom Line

In my experience, Mixhers are easy to use, taste great and just work. I love that they make taking various vitamins so easy and delicious, and help me drink more water in the process, while actually delivering on all of the promises they make. Of course, Mixhers don't come cheap, and the price may be a turn-off for many. However, if you're plagued by PMS symptoms, I do recommend trying Hertime for a month and seeing whether it helps, and you can make your own choice from there.


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