Mizz Bloom's Organic Body Scrub Leaves You Smelling Like Fresh Orange Blossoms

Excessive dead skin cells—yuck.

With all the new cells that our bodies naturally produce, how can we be expected to maintain smooth, baby-soft skin when the old ones are left behind? You can vigorously scrub at your skin with a damp washcloth or let your skin shed like a snake. But the best, tried-and-true method? Using a body scrub.

I've tried so many body scrubs. They range in ingredients, smells and overall formulas. Through my research, I've found that my absolute favorite scrubs have some sort of natural oil element. You might hear the word oil and freak out. Oily skin? That sounds like a breakout waiting to happen, right? Wrong.

Putting oil on your face and the rest of your body reaps a ton of benefits, so when a colleague of mine asked if I wanted to try out a scrub that had all sorts of oils, I was immediately intrigued. That's when I put Mizz Bloom's  Polish Body Scrub to the test.

The Product

When it comes to scrubs, as I noted above, the first ingredient I look for in a new product is oil. It'very important to check the label on anything you're putting into or on your body. Sticking with organic, vegan and cruelty-free products are your safest option for avoiding anything too harsh or harmful for your skin.

Mizz Bloom is a brand new organic skincare brand, and its Polish Body Scrub, retails for $29. Weird name for a scrub, right? I never think of a body polish and scrub as a two-in-one type of deal, so I was very eager to test out the product and see if the results lived up to the name.

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The Experience

Upon opening the jar, a mixture of scents headed straight for my nose. I immediately noticed hints of citrus, grapefruit and coconut. And, wouldn't you know, they're among the ingredients! Other ingredients found in the scrub are sea salt, jojoba, primrose oil, neem seed oil, turmeric root powder and mustard seed powder.

So far, so good. I liked the way it smelled, and appreciated what was actually in the product, itself, so when the time came to use it, I was eager to see what the results would be.

A lot of the scrubs I've tried in the past have been too harsh on my skin because the product wasn't fine enough. Mizz Bloom's Polish Body Scrub, however, had the perfect-sized granules.

First, I applied a small amount to the back of my hand and rubbed it in. It's important to never skip this step—find out right away if a product will irritate you! Since I was in the clear, I wet my body and applied the product with my fingers in circular motions. I could feel my body relaxing and ridding itself of dead skin cells.

Once I rinsed off, my body not only felt soft, but it had a nice glow to it. Why? The oil, of course! A sheen of oil remained on my skin, allowing it to stay moisturized and hydrated all day.

Bottom Line

Overall, I was very happy with the results. I probably won't be using this product too often because the citrusy scent was very overpowering—it's not the time of smell I typically use in my skincare products (i'm more into woodsy scents). With that being said, my skin felt smooth all day long and I especially loved the silky texture.

But if strong and fresh citrusy fragrances are your thing, you should definitely give this scrub a go!

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