M&M's Now Has a Candy Corn Flavor, But Is It Any Good?

Love it or hate it, candy corn is a classic Halloween candy that's totally synonymous with the holiday.

If you're one of the few who can't keep their hands off candy corn, you may be in for a treat with M&M's new white candy corn flavor. But if you're not particularly in love with the sugary corn-inspired candy, are these still worth checking out? We tasted them so you don't have to.

Candy Corns M&M's packetOn the surface, the candy corn M&Ms look a lot like their standard chocolate counterparts, except they only come in white, orange and yellow, and they're noticeably larger.

Once you bite in, the experience is quite different. While the candy shell hasn't changed, they're pure white on the inside. We would have loved to see the white, orange and yellow candy cane layers in the filling.

Candy Corns M&M's spilled

The white chocolate within the shell tastes mostly like pure white chocolate, but it does have a slightly caramel hint that does evoke candy corn. If you're looking for a strong candy corn flavor, this is not the place to look, and if you like neither white chocolate nor candy corn, there's no reason to try these.

Overall, we thought the candy corn M&M's were fine. They played it safe by using white chocolate as a base flavor, while taking the risk of a purer candy corn may have actually benefited the candy. If you're a daring candy-lover, you may want to experiment with this flavor. If not, feel free to pass the next time you spot it in the grocery aisle.


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