M&M's Chocolate Bars Are the Candy Mashup You Didn't Know You Wanted

If you've ever wanted M&M's in bar form, you're about to get some life-changing news.

M&M's Chocolate Bars will hit stores before the end of the year. Mars, Inc. announced on Sept. 26 that the new product is launching in December. There are five different varieties on deck, and they all sound tasty.

Essentially, the product is a mashup of a typical chocolate bar and M&M's. Each bar has whole M&M's Minis inside, plus nuts or crisp rice, depending on the variety.

The five set to launch are all flavors that Mars has sold before in the traditional circular M&M's form: Milk Chocolate, Peanut, Crispy, Almond and Crispy Mint. That means that the varieties are familiar, even if the bar shape is new.

M&M's Milk Chocolate bars

(via Mars, Inc.)

The change is enough to keep things exciting, without seeming like a potential disaster. We're definitely willing to serve as guinea pigs by taste-testing M&M's Chocolate Bars as soon as they arrive in stores later this year.


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