MNR1Take: Midnight Red's Latest Mashup!

Midnight Red's latest #MNR1Take is an incredible mashup of "Demons" by Imagine Dragons and the 2002 Maroon 5 hit "She Will Be Loved"!mnr1take midnight red demons she will be loved

The cover was shot during a sound check from the Word Of Mouth tour with the wanted during before their April 14 show at the House Of Blues in Boston!

We think the new mashup shows off some of the band's most impressive vocal work today! In the video, Midnight Red is accompanied by not just own, but two acoustic guitars, with Eric Secharia joining guitarist Hubie Wang to back up the band!

We absolutely love the way Midnight Red gets these two songs to mesh so well together! Comment below if you'd like updates on all of the latest news from Midnight Red, and join our community at if you're a Redhead!