If Moana Is Your New Fave Disney Princess, You Need These Things

If Disney's 2016 animated film Moana totally captured your heart, you're not alone.

We were so inspired by the film's main character Moana that she has taken charge as one of our new fave Disney princesses.

Have the same sentiments about this ocean princess? Then scroll below and prepare to ooh and aah over these tropical accessories and decor inspired completely by her!

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Moana Flower Headband: $29

Are you looking to emulate Moana's flawless island style? This flower headband should help you accomplish just that.

Moana flower headband

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Moana-Inspired Sailer Pin: $7

Add some flair to your backpack, purse or even your denim jacket with this chic Moana-inspired enamel pin. How cute, huh?

Moana-inspired sailer pin

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Moana Mouse Ears: $40

If you're heading to Disneyland any time in the near future, don't go unprepared! Sport these floral Disney ears and showcase your true love for the newest (and best) Disney princess.

Moana-inspired mouse ears

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Moana-Inspired Water Bottle: $30

Need some extra inspiration for your next workout? Purchase this too cute stainless steel water bottle and prepare to show yourself just how far you can go.

How Far I'll Go Water Bottle

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Moana-Inspired Mini Bath Bomb Set: $7.50

Your bathtub experience just got majorly upgraded thanks to these Moana-inspired mini bath bombs. We're living for the mini pig bath bomb with the petite pink nose.

Moana mini bath bomb set

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Moana-Inspired Mug: $13

Sip your morning cup of tea and reminisce about one of your fave scenes in Moana with this lil' mug.

Moana-inspired coffee mug

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Moana-Inspired Heart of Te Fiti Necklace: $12

Look just like your fave princess with this ultra unique Heart of Te Fiti necklace.

Moana Heart of Te Fiti Necklace

(via Etsy)


Moana-Inspired Bangle: $10

Sport this bangle and you'll always have a little piece of Moana with you.

How Far I'll Go Bangle

(via Etsy)


Moana-Inspired Bar Necklace: $15

Does the ocean call you, too? Then you must snag this simple and gorgeous bar necklace.

It Calls Me Bar Necklace

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Moana-Inspired Print: $3

You'll never lack inspiration again if you hang this stunning print in your bedroom. A good reminder to never stop chasing your dreams. ????

A Real Way-Finder Never Sleeps print

(via Etsy)


Moana-Inspired Tote Bag: $20

Never wander too far from home without this adorable tote that will carry all your supplies for your next adventure!

Moana tote bag

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Moana Fabric Stud Earrings: $6.50

This stunning pair of fabric stud earrings is only for the tried-and-true Moana-lovers. Do you qualify?!

Moana fabric stud earrings

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Moana-Inspired Computer Decal: $20

Take your passion for this movie and character everywhere you go, thanks to these Moana-inspired computer decals. Warning: With these lyrics on your laptop, you'll never be able to get the song out of your head.

Moana computer decal
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