Why These 5 Modeling Masks Will Replace Your Sheet Masks

Step up your sheet mask game with the newest Korean beauty trend that's making waves in the skincare space: modeling masks!

Modeling masks are a staple in Korean skincare spas and have a gel-like, gooey consistency that slightly dries together to form a thick, rubbery mask that you can peel off. What makes these masks superior to others is that the thick consistency comes in a dry form that you mix together yourself, which ensures the active ingredients are fresh and that important trace minerals don't evaporate.

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Skin Forum Black Diamond Modeling Mask: $12

If your skin is in need of a major reset, then you have to try Skin Forum's Black Diamond Modeling Mask. This product has a gel mask type consistency of black diamond gel containing activated charcoal mixed with collagen powder for a luminous, silky finish!

Skin Forum Black Mask

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Lindsay Modeling Rubber Mask Sets: $11 for set of 2

These cute cups contain two of the following modeling masks: Lavender, Cool (tea-tree), Vitamin, Collagen, Calendula or Charcoal. While you don't get to choose which two you get, we promise you'll be satisfied with any you receive! Formulated with a blend of botanicals and clays, these mineral-rich modeling rubber masks help detoxify skin by gently lifting away impurities and dead skin cells while supplying nutrients into the skin to reveal instant brightening effects.

rubber masks glow recipe

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Shangpree Gold Premium Modeling Rubber Mask: $20 

We always trust Peach and Lily for the newest K-Beauty crazes and this Shangpree gold modeling mask tops the list. Its rich gold and nourishing Asian botanicals provide long-lasting moisture and help remove impurities and re-energize the skin for a much needed pick-me-up.  Shangpree Gold Mask

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MD's Pick Goji Water Rubber Mask: $9

If you have sensitive or irritated skin, this Goji Berry rubber mask coats your complexion with skin-soothing goji berries and uber hydrating hyaluronic acid. MD's pick goji berry Rubber mask

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Dr. Jart Hydration Lover Rubber Mask: $12

This two-step rubber mask steeps your complexion with all the moisture it craves! Dr. Jart also has a variety of other rubber masks for skin ailments including clarity, brightening and irritation. Dr. Jart Hydration Mask

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