These Period-Proof Recycled Modibodi Leggings Might Change the Way You Work Out

I don't know about you, but when it comes to my period, the less I have to think about it, the better.

While it's still a nuisance, these days I've mostly got my monthly cycle under control thanks to self-care rituals, period panties and a lot of ibuprofen—but that doesn't mean that I'm not always looking to make it even better. Enter Modibodi, a brand that's all about making leak-proof yet beautiful and sustainable period and bladder leak products for us all.

The team recently launched a new set of 7/8 Recycled Active Leggings, and reached out and asked if I'd be interested in giving them a shot. I was more than happy to put them to the test—and even happier when they also sent along a few of their classic styles of underwear in some fabulous colors. Here's what happened next.

The Brand

Modibodi CEO Kristy Chong created the company after giving birth to her second child and discovering that there simply weren't great options out there for women experiencing bladder and period leaks. The result is leak-proof products that look and feel great, and that also replace many disposable menstrual products, meaning less waste overall. Their products come in many shapes and absorbencies to suit anyone's needs—and they even make products for men.

Their new 7/8 Recycled Active Leggings are designed specifically to provide great protection and comfort during workouts. The outers are made from 78% pre-consumer recycled nylon, plus elastane, while the gusset is made from Merino wool, polyester and polyamide. They're designed to hold two to three tampons' worth of flow, and are available in sizes XS to 2XL in black. They sell online for $70.

Modibodi leggings front

(via Modibodi)


The Leggings

My Modibodi leggings arrived a couple of weeks before my next period, but I was a little impatient, so I gave them a test run far before then. When I slipped them on, I found that they were snug in all of the right places, but never tight or chafing, and that they flatteringly clung to my curves. They're high-waisted, reaching just above the belly button, and if you're on the shorter side, like me, you might also find that they're less of a 7/8 length pant and more of a full-length legging, falling right to the ankle. I'm 5'2″, and for me, this was actually preferred.  They also had a handy pocket on the left side that was the perfect size for storing my phone. By glancing at them, you'never suspect they were anything but standard workout leggings. They were even comfy enough to fall asleep in.

Modibodi leggings pocker

(via Modibodi)

Before my next cycle arrived, I washed the leggings before their first use to activate their maximum absorbency. I gave them a cold wash in a delicates bag, and then air-dried them before the first wear.

To give them the best test possible, I decided to wear them in the middle of my cycle, when my flow is usually heaviest. Leading up to that, I tried out a couple of the classic pairs of Modibodi Classic Bikini underwear I was sent, and I was thrilled with them. Not only did they expertly hold back leaks, but their seasonal jewel-tone colors of Sage and Blueberry made them as cute as they were effective.

And when the time came, the leggings definitely got the job done. Again, they were supportive in all of the right places and protected any unseemly leaks from happening, even when my flow was at its heaviest and I was running around being active. Even then, they never made me feel sweaty.

Modibodi leggings profile view

(via Modibodi)

I also might be alone in this, but when I'm dealing with cramps, it relieves some of the pain to have a little bit of pressure on the tummy, and these did just that—though that might not be best if you're eating a big meal or are sensitive to stomach pressure. This also means the fabric doesn't slouch at the waist, and you won't have any problems with these staying on even when you're moving around.

And when I was done using them, I just had to give them a quick, cold rinse until the water ran clear, and had them do another run through the washing machine with my other Modibodi undies to do the whole thing over again next time.


Bottom Line

Modibodi's 7/8 Recycled Active Leggings are so much better for the environment than traditional period products while also looking and feeling great and working great to put an end to leaks before they start. They're black and fitting, looking great on any body type, and their $70 price point isn't just decent for great leggings—it's also great for a period product that can reduce or replace disposable products, saving you money in the long run.

Modibodi leggings back

(via Modibodi)

I also love that they're comfy and versatile enough to wear any time of the month, whether you're working out or just lounging around. You might find yourself in them even on the days you're not on your period. Whether you wear them alone or with your favorite period products for extra protection, you're going to love them.


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