Nervous About Hitting the Beach on Your Period? Modibodi Has You Covered

I've been on the reusable period products train for a few years now.

Not only are things like period cups and reusable period underwear better for the environment, but over time, they've also saved me lots of cash, and this probably goes without saying, but period undies are way comfier than wearing a bulky pad all day.

So when Modibodi initially reached out to me about trying some of their products, I did and instantly fell in love with their comfortable and cute offerings, and when they followed up and asked if I'd be interested in trying some of their newest releases, including period-proof swimwear, I just had to say yes. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out more about the brand, and why I'm obsessed with these new goodies.

The Brand

Modibodi is a brand that makes period underwear and aims to normalize discussion about periods. When about half of the people in the world have periods, but they're still treated as something off-limits and icky, that can create a stigma that makes us ashamed of our bodies. The more open and cool we all are about having periods, the easier it gets to deal with them, and the less stress they'll cause when they arrive every month.

Modibodi aims to make inclusive period underwear, leggings and more that are comfortable to wear while being highly absorbent, and just as cute as your other favorite panties. They come in sizes XS to 6XL. Even better, they're made with eco-friendly fabrics, including many offerings made from recycled fabrics. And that's not to mention that their reusable products are already so much better for the earth (and your wallet) than single-use items like pads and tampons because you'll hold on to them for a long time.

They're also on a mission to end period poverty around the world. This year alone, they'll donate 100,000 pairs of reusable, leak-proof underwear to 20,000 people in need.

For my review, I was sent the new Swimwear Recycled High-Waisted Bikini Brief, as well as their Recycled Seamfree Full Brief and Modibodi X Brief.

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The Products

Swimwear Recycled High-Waisted Bikini Brief: $40

I'll be the first to admit that I'always wary of going into the water on my period, no matter what kind of period protection I'm using. I'm terrified of having an unseemly accident, especially in a public place like the beach or a pool. However, just trying on these high-waisted bikini briefs put me at ease.

First of all, they feel like a normal bathing suit, and they're super cute. They're made with recycled fabric in a mix of polyamide and elastane, and their black color makes them super versatile for pairing with pretty much any bathing suit top. Plus, the high waist sits right at my belly button, with a supportive waistband that makes me feel contained and secure. Their snug fit also made me feel protected from leaks, though if you're worried about it being too tight, I might try a size up.

I was having a very light day when I wore these for a dip in the bay, and I had no issues with leakage whatsoever. They're designed to hold about two teaspoons of liquid (about two tampons), so if you're having a heavier flow, you may want to use additional period protection along with these. They're even chlorine-resistant. Regardless, they're cute enough to wear any time of the month, and the fact that they offer awesome period protection is a huge bonus. And did I mention they're also chlorine-resistant?


Modibody high waisted recycled swimear

(via Modibodi)


Recycled Seamfree Full Brief: $40

For heavy flow days where you want extra protection, or days when you don't have the privacy to change often, you can't do much better than Modibodi's Recycled Seamfree Full Brief. The outside is made with recycled nylon and spandex, with a high waist that rises nearly to the belly button for full coverage. It's designed to hold up to 10 teaspoons of fluid, to help you get through any period that life throws in a discreet and stylish package, with no visible panty lines. They had me covered during my period with zero issues, with full front and back coverage that was way more than I needed.


Modibodi recycled seamfree full brief

(via Modibodi)


Modibodi X Brief: $25

Last, but definitely not least, I tried the Modibodi X Brief, which was by far the comfiest of the Modibodi products I've tried so far. Their bamboo and spandex material makes them as comfy as cotton underwear, yet they're designed for medium to heavy flow days and hold about three teaspoons of liquid. I wore it on my second-heaviest day and had no issues with leakage whatsoever.

I also love that they're styled more like boy briefs, with the athletic design and elastic in contrasting color to the main material. After all, Modibodi strives to be inclusive, and that includes gender inclusivity, so I appreciate that trans guys and nonbinary people who menstruate can also be covered with an offering that validates their genders.


Modibodi X Brief in charcoal

(via Modibodi)


Bottom Line

If you get periods, Modibodi probably has products that suit your needs, and that's what I love about the brand. I never thought I'd feel comfortable in a bathing suit on my period, but they proved me wrong, and whether you have heavy or light flows, they have something for you that will also suit your style. And while their prices might seem high at first glance, their bathing suit bottoms aren't too much more expensive than what you'll find at your favorite store, and the money they'll save you on other disposable products more than makes up for it.


Modibodi also makes great products for workouts! Click HERE to read our review of their period-proof leggings.