moi Is the Undergarment Brand That Needs to Be on Your Radar

When was the last time you wore a bra or pair of underwear and loved how it felt?

They're worn on the most intimate places on your body, so shouldn't the fabric, look and feel be the absolute best? When a rep from the intimates brand moi reached out to me, I was more than thrilled to test out their products and see if they lived up to the hype. And guess what? They totally did. Keep scrolling to find out all about the brand, the set they set me and my honest thoughts.

The Brand

moi is all about keeping things both trendy and sustainable. Inspired by the likes of gen Z, moi uses recycled materials and has a partnership with One Tree Planted. For every bra purchase made, a tree will be planted in your honor—how cool is that?

moi pink set

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The Products

The brand asked which set I wanted to try, but there were way too many cute options that I let them be the decision-makers. And I'so thrilled with what they sent.

Organic Cotton Bralette in Sky: $20

I'm not a fan of bras—never have been and never will be. I live for bralettes and wear them pretty much every single day. Whether it's under an outfit I'm in for the day or to bed (especially during hot summer nights,) bralettes are definitely my number one choice. This one from moi has quickly become a favorite of mine, and in the few weeks I've had it, I've worn it countless times already. The color is perfection, the straps are adjustable and comfortable, the band isn't constricting and it all holds up my girls really well. I have zero complaints and want to add more to my bralette collection.

moi blue bralette

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Organic Cotton Thong in Sky: $9

I don't know about you, but I refuse to wear thongs to bed. Yes, I go for granny panties—they're just way more comfortable, in my opinion! During the day I wear thongs to avoid panty lines, and I was interested to see how I would like the feel of the organic cotton. I typically stick with lace thongs and wasn't sure if I'd feel comfortable in this style by moi, but to my surprise, it was perfect! I stick by what I said about not wearing thongs at night (it's a personal preference) but these are great to rock during the day. Plus, it looks so cute paired with the matching bralette.

moi blue thong

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Bottom Line

While I only tried one set from moi, I'm confident that the rest of their products are just as great. The brand comes at a super reasonable price point, gives back to the earth and is very comfortable. What more could you want in an intimates brand?

moi red set

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