Mollee Gray Talks About Teen Beach Movie!

Actress, singer, and dancer Mollee Gray got her big break appearing as a dancer in the High School Musical films, but this week she'll be showing off her acting skills to a whole new audience when she appears as Giggles in Teen Beach Movie!

Mollee Gray

We spoke to Mollee Gray all about her history with dancing and what it's like to be a part of two huge Disney Channel franchises!

Mollee Gray started dancing when she was just a toddler. Today, she's glad she started so early.

"I can't even express how grateful I am to have dance as a part of my life," she said. "It has been such a great outlet to have for any experience I have been through."

Mollee booked her first dancing job at the young age of 9. Ever since, she's been developing and learning as a dancer.

Mollee explained that dancing has opened up many opportunities for her that she wouldn't have in her life otherwise. She lends her success in acting and music to the fact that she has such a strong foundation in dancing.

"My favorite dance job I have ever done was performing on the American Music Awards with Taylor Swift," Mollee said. "I have always been a huge fan of hers, so it was a dream come true to dance for her!"

One of those huge opportunities was the chance to land roles in the High School Musical franchise as a dancer.

"Being a part of the High School Musicals was the most magical thing I have ever experienced. That franchise is what started the career I have today!" Mollee said.

Mollee has an acting role in the upcoming Teen Beach Movie, which many are calling the next High School Musical!

"I feel beyond grateful to be involved!" Mollee said. "Especially because I truly believe this is going to be Disney's next big franchise. I can't even comprehend how lucky I am to have witnessed the whole process of both!"

In Teen Beach Movie, Mollee plays Giggles, one of the surfers involved in the film's big rivalry between bikers and surfers.

"She is always shaking her hips and having a great time with her surfer buddies," Mollee said. "The only time Giggles ever has to get 'tough' is when she has confrontation with the biker clique."

Mollee first got the inspiration to start acting by being around acting all of the time as a dancer.

"I am a type of person that wants to continually grow and change as much I can, and seeing the actors on jobs I would do, I wanted to be just like them!" she explained. "

Mollee eventually moved to Los Angeles and started to concentrate on acting classes. She knew that she could succeed as an actress as well as a dancer if she put her mind to it.

On top of her dancing and acting, Molly is also a singer. Though she was excited about the thought of being a singer, she was also nervous about it.

"I have always had a passion for music but was super shy to sing in front of anyone," she said. "I luckily got discovered by an amazing producer, Jim Wirt, who got me to record my two singles!"

Her singles, "You Don't Know Anything" and "Wasted," are available on iTunes. She also plans to release more of her music soon!

Mollee was about to achieve her dream because she believed in it.

"I always say 'Don't let anyone who tells you no stop you from achieving your dream.'" Mollee said. "I have had numerous people tell me no, that I am not good enough, not pretty enough… but I had faith in myself to not give up."

Thanks to Mollee's positive attitude, she stuck with it.

"Now I am living my dreams!" Mollee said.