If You Do at Least 5 of These Things, You're the Mom of Your Friend Group

Within every friend group, each person plays a role, whether they know it or not.

There's the joker, the oblivious one, the troublemaker and more. But the most prominent of the friend group? The mom. Think about your close-knit group of pals—can you think of who the mom might be?

It's typically the most responsible and sensible person. Think it might be you? If you do at least five of these things, you're definitely the mom of your friend group:

1. You Pick Up and Drop Off Your Friends Everywhere

You somehow end up being the one chauffeuring everyone around town whenever you're together. Even though some of your friends have cars of their own, you're always the one behind the wheel. Whether it's because everyone else is too lazy to drive or you prefer driving yourself, this is a sure sign that you're the mama of your friend group.

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2. You're Always Dishing Out Relationship Advice to Your Friends

Sure, you might not be in a relationship at the moment, but your friends still come to you for advice. They turn to you with all their dating struggles and leave with wise words of wisdom. You somehow know exactly what your friends want to hear, so you tell them and also throw in a bit of the truth, even if you know it's gonna hurt.


3. You're Constantly Being Asked to Babysit

Whether you're watching the neighbors' kids or your own siblings, adults always ask you to babysit. You almost always say yes—especially if there's a baby. It's fun to take some time to play mom, even if it's just for a few hours. While others look at it as a pain, you get to hang out with kids and get paid for it. Win-win!


4. You Coordinate Group Hangouts

If it weren't for you, your group of pals would never get together all at the same time. You basically know everyone's schedules, so coming up with times to meet comes easily to you. You typically initiate group text convos and make sure that no one bails on plans.

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5. Your Purse Is Stocked With Anything You Might Need

Someone has a blister? You've got a Band-Aid for that. Someone's throat is feeling scratchy? You've got a cough drop for that. Someone's hungry? You've got a snack for that. Someone start their time of the month? You've got a tampon for that. Honestly, there isn't anything you don'have lying around in your bag—aka, the endless abyss.


6. You're Constantly Reminding Your Friends to Be Safe

You're the friend who texts everyone making sure they made it home safe. Whether they were out on a first date or they left your house to go home to their own (which is one mile away)—you're always looking out for them. You remind them to bring a jacket when it's cold and pepper-spray when they're by themselves. You can never be too safe!


7. You Know How to Bake

If you can at the very least bake a decent chocolate chip cookie, your friends probably think you're incredible. You always receive requests to make cakes, cookies, cupcakes and desserts of all kinds. Even if you don't have the time to make them, you somehow pull it together and bake up the best batch of sweets they've ever tasted, like this incredible Halloween-themed cake:

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8. You Watch Shows on The Food Network

Your friends have probably made jabs at you for watching Guy Fieri's shows—but you can't help it, they're so entertaining. After all, who wouldn't want to know where to grab the best octopus hamburger packed with lard?


9. You Always Protect Your Friends

If someone hurts one of your friends physically or verbally, you're always the first to step up to their side. You despise people who target your friends, so they better hope you're not around when they do. You've been known to scare off a few bullies with just your words alone.


10. Your Friends Turn to You for Directions

If you've ever been on a hike with your friends, to a music festival or have even walked around the mall with each other, you're always the one leading the pack. Your sense of direction is off-the-charts—something your friends tend to take advantage of. They look at their phone without paying much attention to where they're going because they know you've got it covered.

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11. You Tend to Your Friends When They Get Hurt or Sick

The moment you find out one of your friends is sick, you drop everything and rush to their side. You make them soup, tuck them into their beds and make sure they have everything they need within reach. You may have even taken it to the extreme and given them a bell to ring for when they need assistance.


12. You're a Regular at Your Local Craft Shop

Whether it's a craft, fabric or any other kind of artsy shop, you've been there—and multiple times. You've mended holes in your clothing and might have even made a few scrapbooks in your day. People look at you like you're superwoman, but you're just having a bit of fun.


13. You've Had Your Friends Refer to You as the Mom of Your Friend Group

The most obvious sign you're the mom of your friend group? Your friends have told you that you are—and repeatedly. It's time to get used to the fact that you're good at taking care of others. Accept your role and step into it with your head held high.


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