11 Memes You'll Relate to If You're the Mom of Your Friend Group

Every friend group has a mom.

Sure, this motherly figure isn'technically responsible for anyone's well-being, but somehow she always finds herself looking after her pals.

If you think you're the mom of your friend group, keep scrolling for 11 memes you'll definitely relate to.

1. Mom mode activated:


2. We don't care who started it, we're finishing it:


3. You're needed, mom friend:

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4. Mom friend is always prepared:


5. This about sums it up:

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6. It comes in handy:


7. Was not caring ever an option?

8. You better send that "home safe" message:

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9. We yell because we care:

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10. And then there's one step above the mom friend:


11. We appreciate you, mom friends:


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