These 13 Relatable Memes Are Literally Everyone's Mom

Boy, do we love our mommas.

With Mother's Day just around the corner, we've obviously been reflecting on all the amazing things about our moms… and the little things they do that make us sigh in loving frustration.

And what better way to celebrate all the amazing moms in the world but through a set of shockingly relatable memes? Check out our favorite mom memes below!

1. Don't you dare interrupt mom's phone time.


2. Every joke is an opportunity for a lesson.


3. Do they do this on purpose?


4. When your mom just wants to know every detail of your life.


5. You know you messed up if you see this.

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6. Make sure you follow all of mom's instructions.


7. She gets stressed too, okay?


8. We all remember those awkward moments.


9. She might never really understand your style.

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10. It's a highly overwhelming moment.


11. You might never recover from the embarrassment of grabbing someone who isn't your mom.


12. It's never just two minutes.


13. It's hard knowing that nothing will ever be good enough for your mom.


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